Complaints Policy

Zest: Healing the Hurt Ltd try to give the best quality of service possible in all aspects of its work. However, there maybe times when a client feels that they have not been treated or dealt with in a way that they would wish. If this were the case, the agent would like to know and have the opportunity to address the client’s concern.

How to make a complaint

Whatever the nature of the concern, the client should phone the Clinical Director on 71 266 999 who will record details of the complaint and initiate the relevant investigation or alternatively the client can put the complaint in writing, addressing it to:

Director of Clinical Services
Zest: Healing the Hurt Ltd
15a Queen Street
BT48 7EQ

Please provide as much information as possible:

  • About yourself
  • The nature of the problem
  • What happened
  • What you are unhappy or concerned about
  • What you might like us to do

What the agency will do

The agency will listen seriously to your complaint and acknowledge its receipt within 7 days, and investigate fully with relevant personnel. Depending on the outcomes of the investigation, we will consider the action to be taken. Formal complaints will be dealt with within 30 days. Following this the client may choose to phone the Clinical Director to enquire about the outcome. The client may also wish to have the outcome recorded in writing. If you are not happy with the outcome you may write to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors, the decision of the Chairperson will be final.

What we will do

The Clinical Director and the Director of Corporate Services will consider the action to be taken, depending on the nature of the complaint. This may entail meeting with relevant personnel if appropriate. You will receive an acknowledgement of your complaint within 7 days and a response to your complaint within 30 days. If, having followed this procedure, you are not satisfied with the way in which your complaint has been address you should write to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Zest: Healing the Hurt Ltd outlining the nature of your complaint. The decision of the Chairperson will be final. All complaints should be dealt with through the recognised complaints procedure. Reports of complaints aired with third parties, without recourse to the appropriate procedure may be deemed as gossip, in contravention of the BACP code of ethics. Where proven, gossip will lead to disciplinary action.

Staff dealing with complaints

If a member of the public, client, referrer, parent or other person should indicate dissatisfaction with Zest it is very important that you take it seriously; assure the person you will look into this for them and ask them for the following information:

  •  Name
  • Address
  • Telephone & email details
  • Nature of the complaint; what happened, when, who was involved, who witnessed it, what made you unhappy, what do you expect to happen next.
  • Outline that this will be investigated and a result will be conveyed within 30 days – ask do they want to receive the result verbally or in writing.
  • Report this to the Clinical Director as soon as possible.

 This information must be collected in all instances.

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